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Come aboard and meet the wondrous dream makers of Dune Lakes Travel.

Welcome, we’re so glad you could make it to our very own little slice of heaven. It’s our mission to plan seamless, upscale travel experiences for you and your travel partners. Our team of expert explorers are excited to offer you exclusive access, world-class dining, luxurious accommodations, and first-class transportation that can only be orchestrated through their creative minds, connections, and pricing. We love what we do, but more importantly, you’ll love it too!

When Passion Becomes Your Profession

Meet Jennifer Wood, Founder and Lead Luxury Travel Advisor of Dune Lakes Travel. 

Jennifer has more than an eye for detail but a mind that loves to map out exquisite plans of exploration, relaxation, adventure, and romance. Joining the travel industry a little over five years ago, she brings years of experience planning the perfect trips for herself and her loved ones. Vacations that form new relationships and build stronger bonds and immerse her and her family in various local cultures, food, and, of course, the arts have made some of the most beautiful memories stowed away for later days.

But planning a trip takes time, especially if you’re looking for more elevated experiences past Google Search and some of the other mundane, brochure-based travel apps. Taking the time to find hidden gem restaurants, boutiques, beaches and so much more is exactly the thing Jennifer enjoys doing most. After being told by friends and family for years that travel planning was her calling, she created Dune Lakes Travel and turned her passion into her profession.

Full speed ahead, Jennifer finds fulfillment in bringing the same joy she curates for her own loved ones to the lives of others. Through truly one-of-a-kind experiences, she not only offers new perspectives on the world but still gets to enjoy these sentiments along the way. Because, well, what kind of luxury travel advisor doesn’t travel themselves?

Today, she is living her dream; making her own rules for not only her business but for her life on the road, abroad – wherever she is. A life of luxurious experiences is one you create… or hire Jennifer to create for you!


Jennifer was so wonderful in helping us plan the best family Disney Vacation! Everything was perfect, and so enjoyable knowing we were being taken care of! We will for sure be using her again!

– Olivia D

Six Simple Steps

Are You Ready to Experience The Luxury of Travel?

step 1

Schedule your Discovery Call


step 2

Share Your Dreams with Us


During your Discovery Call, we’ll dive deeper into the experience you want and the accommodations you desire so that we can provide personalized service tailored to your needs. Plan to discuss…

1. Travel dates, travel party, budget, destination, etc.

2. Past travel experiences, including what you loved, what you would change.

3. Your interests and hobbies

4. What kind of vacation experience you want and how you want it to make you feel

5. Q&A. We’ll provide you with realistic expectations for travel, discuss turnaround times on the proposal, planning fees (if applicable), etc.

step 3

Dune Lakes Planning Time


After your Discovery Call, we get to work on creating a detailed proposal and itinerary so every detail of your trip is covered, and you have the best options based on your travel dates and budget.

Please note that if your trip requires a Non-Refundable Planning Fee, we will not start working on your proposal until the fee is paid. 

CONVENIENCE BONUS! When choosing Dune Lakes Travel, you get complimentary access to the Trip Plans app. The Trip Plans app lets you view your detailed itinerary from your Dune Lakes Travel advisor on your smartphone or tablet. No data or internet connection? No problem! All your trip details will still be there, presented in a beautiful and easy to use format.

step 4

Book It!


We specialize in handling every aspect of your trip – from hotels, car rentals, cruises, activities, sightseeing and more. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every part of your vacation is seamlessly planned out for you in advance.

step 5

Pre-Vacay Prep


We will be in contact with you, and ensure you have the most up-to-date information you need before you leave, including identification, travel documents, confirmation numbers and tickets/vouchers, and any applicable COVID-19 travel restrictions and requirements. Our team will also send you reminders for flight and hotel check-ins, and more. We reconfirm all your reservations prior to your departure so that you have the perfect vacation with no surprises or headaches along the way.

step 6

During Your Travels


Dune Lakes Travel is known for its supreme customer services so you can rest assured that should anything come up while on vacation, we are available for support by phone, email or text message – we’re here to help!

Are you ready for your next adventure? Let’s talk!